Hiya.. Can we have Essential Utilities NYSE put on. Thanks

Hiya can you add UBX i think somebody asked for this a while ago. Is there an issue with it. Thanks

@AlexK @Michael.P @L.D @George Kindly add FAT and THMO. Furthermore, whenever there is a potential stock goes up normally its not on invest platform of trading212. Kindly push it hard and add Small, Medium, Large Caps of NYSE and NASDAQ in bulk. A lot of stocks are missing on platform. FAT is up 225% can we trade today before market opens. Its 30 minutes left. Kindly have a look. Thank You

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Hi there @jazz143 @Brenneec, :wave:

UBX, FAT and THMO are now added to our platform and will be available once the market opens.

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@L.D i just checked i cant see FAT on invest platform

I honestly do not know why they have not done this. Its a stock trading platform so one would think they will offer us access to all stocks available on the these regulated exchanges; NYSE and NASDAQ.
Unless of course it involves more work on their end than we think.

@L.D still not available FAT

It could take a while until you’re able to see FAT available, as it was halted for trading.


alright. thank you. i got it

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still not there @L.D

@L.D @George whole day passed FAT is not there and NTN aswel

We’ve experienced some difficulties yesterday when adding the new stocks to our platform.

They will be available today with the opening of the US market.

Thank you, much appreciayed