HMSO / Hammerson PLC is Suspended on CFD, Why?

HMSO / Hamerson PLC is Suspended on CFD,

Why? How long will this last?

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It’s not suspended for me.

Jesus their share price has been diving recently. Was there a bankruptcy or something?

did you trade it first thing? I tried approx 08:20 when i open the box it clearly says suspended, i tried again 08:55 and still suspended.

Reverse split is todays cause: Hammerson (UK, GEIS Small Cap, FTSE 250 Index) have announced a capital reorganisation which will consist of a 1 for 5 consolidation followed by a 24 for 1 rights issue at GBP 0.15. Following shareholder approval and based on the current timetable, the consolidation will be effective on 02 September 2020, and the ex-date for the rights issue will occur on 10 September 2020.

In accordance with section 4.9.3 of the Corporate Actions and Events Guide, regarding the treatment of highly dilutive rights issues, the newly enlarged capitalisation of the company (on a fully paid basis) will be reflected through the inclusion of a separate line for the new shares (based on market price) and a separate line (Dummy Call line) representing the value of the subscription price.

:speech_balloon: That’s why i thought it was suspended to stop T212 CFD users for shorting it, so i’m interested to see how long it will take to open!

It was suspended due to a reverse stock split action. Now, everything should be fine.

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@Martin please can you explain why this was only for some users? as this wasn’t the case for Pipo.

It was for all users & it was for several minutes.

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