Instrument temporarily suspended

So a company called whiting petroleum opens market and for some reason, trading 212 suspends the instrument? Is this convenient as the company is now doing well and I should be able to close my order? I don’t understand why this is happening but i’m currently losing out while they are live and trading.

Please help?


Reverse split is my guess

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It looks like I can still buy.

However stock price is not moving. Are you on practice mode?

It doesn’t work on my CFD account, if you try to purchase 1 it will say temp suspended, and that’s not the correct Trading price today :wink:

I put an order in quite low, now its rather high and i’m missing out *Sigh.

Not sure why it’s suspended.

was it not related to this?

Current Whiting shareholders to receive 1 share of reorganized Whiting’s new common stock for approximately every 75 shares previously owned

Not normally good to buy after a RS. :grimacing:

what does this mean for my current position? It’s just sat there.

Unfortunately its reduced in value. The Stock began at market open $27, and has dropped to $17. When T212 have lifted the suspension you’ll be able to trade.

The Reverse Split which Phil mentioned has consolidated many shares, which is making it appear as though its risen in value.

In some instances you’re able to close your position when suspended, i assume this is not the case for WLL.

Indeed to reiterate it’s not doing well at all, the complete opposite. It reversed split by a whopping 75 and has now lost 45% of that new value.

thanks all, I’ll hopefully be able to pull the order once it’s live again