Hoping for new ETF to track the nasdaq 100

The US has already had qqqm which makes it 5 basis points cheaper than qqq whereas we only have EQQQ/CNDX which are 2 times more expensive :sleepy:

Also, Can we have an update on EQQU (USD)?

You realise EQQQ is the Europe compliant version of QQQ?

So we aren’t going to get QQQM unless they did the same.

Can’t you buy a fraction of EQQQ?

i know that bro haha, its more of complaining that for eu domiciled we have to be content with higher expense ratios, as opposed to the US side which is just getting cheaper and cheaper. I’m holding USD so the version of EQQQ that is usd, EQQU LSE isn’t available on t212.

Thank your MEP who voted for that “to protect retail investors”

it does not matter, packaged product providers quadrupled their ARR (annual recurring revenue) and random citizens and pensions are now paying billions of euros more in fees. You are now safe because the ETF you just bought which is 8 times more expensive than the US counterpart has a PDF document attached to it :slight_smile:


They should definitely Put nasdaq etf which pays Dividend… but in USD or EUR…