ETF's InvescoQQQ vs Vanguard VUSA

Is there much of a difference between these two ETF’s. As i’m about to start investing in one for the long term and havn’t got years to invest (10+) am i better to start off in the Nasdaq and then maybe after maybe 5 years switch to the Vauguard Vusa, maybe more diverse and better for me for the next 5 years+.
Would this make any sense or am i over thinking things!
Thanks in advance…

EQQQ is Nasdaq 100, VUSA is S&P 500

As far as I know.

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why not to get both of them?

them have some overlapping holdings but QQQ is mostly tech while VUSA is wider spread on different sectors.

I’ve set up a pie for most of my family, 60% EQQQ and 40% VWRL, (can swap this for VUSA if you just want America) then set a weekly deposit into the pie and forget about it for the next decade- if you know what I mean?

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