How annual return from pie creation is being calculated?

Hi everyone!

I have a quick question related to the annual return calculation while creating a pie. So my account is in euros and I’m simulating with an EURO ETF, let’s say EUNL (ISIN: IE00B4L5Y983) just to simplify.

If I create a pie with 100% EUNL, I get from the app 6.55% avg annual return. If I check the performance in the last years I get a totally different average:


Can anybody explain me why the difference?

Thank you very much and wish you all a great day!

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Yes I’m interested too. Maybe @David can help ?

I’ve created a test PIE with just AAPL in there for instance and I get a 21.95% AAR over the last 5 years.

I’d like to know how you get to that number… as other calculations would give me around 40%… not saying one is right and the other wrong but I just want to know how you got to 21.95%.


Are you performing any historic rebalancing of your Pie portfolio, to mimic the historic asset weightings of the ETF?