How is the average annual return of the pie calculated?

Newbie here, if I take ishares core msci world ucits etf usd, at the time of the writing, trading212 tells me that I should expect an average return of 6.55% per year based on the last 5 year performance.

However, if I take the price of 5 years ago, 37.44

and put that on an annualized return calculator:

You can see that the actual annualized return is at about 14.81%

How is that possible? What am I missing? Thanks :smiley:

Does the other shares in your pie not affect the individual shares though?

No its just that one.

Feel free to try though and verify for yourself :grin:

Could it be that the AR is coming from the stats on T212 platform rather than market? If so, the share you’ve spoke of has only been listed on here from last year as you can see in the pic below

Maybe, but I don’t believe that that’s the share I am talking about right? That’s the Japan one

Apologies :see_no_evil: no sleep since Tuesday morning so took that MSCI as the ticker!! Thanks for noticing it as I’ll now go check if my original Theory is correct or not :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Market is even newer again than previous one posted