Pie Help Percentage Distribution

Hi I am new to this and have been doing my homework but just need a little advice on pie percentages.
My Pie is Pies & AutoInvest | Trading 212
As I am new I cannot see if my pie is setup correctly i.e if my shares are properly distributed in order to make the most form them.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I apologise in advance if this question should have been placed elsewhere on this board.

I don’t invest in any of those companies so can’t comment, but what I would say is that your core investment of say 80-90% of your funds if starting to invest, should be in a global equity ETF.

They say >70% of people can’t beat a simple equity index ETF. If you are one of the lucky 30%, then your 10-20% should grow fairly quickly to compensate for your investment skills.

Interesting choices.

What I can say, is that if you feel certain about your choices - rethink that three more times and then make the final decision if you want to invest. Perhaps make an ETF your #1 position like:
ETF 25-30% and then the rest?

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