How do you plan to live of your portfolio

Let’s create a discussion on how everyone plans to make enough money to live of there portfolio and have no JOB (if u wanted)

I am planning to buy high quality dividend stocks like realty income and never sell them and collect the sweet dividends

I take the approach that a good quality stock is better then 10 half good ones or don’t buy 10 stocks you might diversity out your gains and top dividends and have wasted your money trying to hard to have a diverse portfolio



This is a good technique until it is not and you get wiped out from investing in a single stock. Remember, diversification is protection against ignorance.


Of course I will buy more then 1 stock lol🤣 but I will not buy 60 when I could just as easy purchased a investment trust, investment fund or ETF

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Under bridge :grin:. … actually it is not so bad, but could be better :slightly_smiling_face:

3 stocks that are simply too good, and that have given me a SOLID profit are the stocks im keeping for a long, long time. Also these stock’s bassicly give you a range of diversification, while all being stock’s that will thriwe in the future

Stock 1. Tesla
Stock 2. StoneCo
Stock 3. UpWork


@InvestOnly Do you not like fivrr?

Fiverr is a all around solid stock.
UpWork is used for bigger work projects that require special knowledge. Microsoft is one of the big brands that are hiring throw upwork.

Besides this Upwork partnered up with zoom, big deal. (

UpWork’s growth compared to it’s current price isent that bad at all either. I bought it before the 50% spike that happend in monday (that was sweet) and yesterday we had another 14% spike.

Fiverr is also a Isreali company, while UpWork is a US company, i obv do invest in some “very few” non US owend companies, but UpWork is a all around great stock, not just for now, but also in terms of long term growth. I think you should research the stock, there’s just so many great things about it, im busy with work rn other wise i’d write u a long essay lol


Buying a few potential Growth Stocks that make enough for me to then put it in Good dividend Stocks like Reality Income, Legal & General and Paychex (hoping the latter goes down to buy into).

I have GAN but want to get Keywords Studios when it goes lower

I think if I manage that then investing will become my new job. I see nice gains get wiped out regularly so I’ve never been sure when an “income” rather than just exceeding inflation will come.
I see so many people on here withdrawing the profits and carrying on but surely the investment is supposed to grow aswell or you’ll never beat the market

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Never closed a single position, always bought dips and let it grow out. It is true that spikes are quite big atm, but again were in a epidemic, this is something new for every person, and ofc people are going to act different to it.

Stick with the principles, buy, hold, invest in dips.

I saw my profit’s being wiped out reguraly too, but ive gotten to a point now, that even with big drops in the market, im at a 11% growth in 3 month’s with my portfolio. Again it also comes down to how you manage you’r diversification.

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I’m hoping to spot the dips and start adding to the stocks rather than selling like you say, its tricky to know when though I find i just end up constantly watching and waiting.

Rule of thumb for me, if one of my investment’s are down by 10% or more i 100% buy some more. If my investment is down by let’s say 5% then it’s more of a evaluation i make, is it worth buying more? Or is it better to hold on to some cash just incase. Another rule of thumb, i keep about 14% of my whole portfolio in cash. (Not in my trading 212 app, just in my standard bank account) just incase i need that money for let’s say a car repair, a suprise bill, or if a buying oppertunity presents itself in the stock market. Deposit into trading 212 takes 1 second anyway with credit card if i need to buy more shares of a stock.


My Goal is to earn around £1000 in dividends a year and use that money + my own money to buy growth stocks or a fund and then eventually more dividend stocks

I have crypto I am buying and stacking and maybe property

Realty income
PRS REIT when it available on trading 212
And maybe Unilever

My dividend stocks maybe 1 more
I might then invest in a fund blue whale

Hi @InvestOnly . When you deposit using a credit card, is it classified as a normal payment or treated as cash?

Not sure as I haven’t tried, why would you want the debt? The whole purpose of investing is all your other debts are paid or you may aswell pay them off first and save the interest rate

@Lenos1980 - Just curious really. I have zero consumer debt (thankfully). I have one CC purely for the purpose of an emergency buffer on top of my emergency cash buffer. If there were no charges it would be a quick way to move money around in case cash flow is tight.

Fair enough as long as the investments make money

@Lenos1980 - yep that is the plan. I’m pretty new to all of this and learnt a lot over the past 10 weeks. Goal is to be able to live off the investments so I can be less reliant on my day job.

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I think everyone plans the same thing but starting with a credit card bill alongside potential losses just doesn’t float my boat.
Hopefully it all works out but stay financially safe