How long for a SPAC to IPO?

I’m an investor in VGAC which recently announced partnership with genome company 23andMe. There were many different and exciting rumours about the acquisition target before this, and I am keen to keep investing in Virgin Group SPACs.

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that they had set up another SPAC called Virgin Group Acquisition II and was extremely interested to know when this is likely to IPO given that they filed on Feb 12th.

Trading212 was a few days late to offer VGAC after it’s IPO (although I still managed to get close to the offering price) and I would like to jump on this one as soon as possible!

(source: SPAC Virgin Group Acquisition II files for a $330 million IPO, following recent deal with 23andMe - Renaissance Capital )

@Joey_Fantana is the SPAC expect

Looks like they haven’t decided on a ticker yet? I’m sure it’ll be listed on the same day.

If the SPAC is offering Warrants as part of the initial offering, it’ll usually IPO in Unit form (Warrant + Common Share) first which T212 doesn’t support as of yet. This therefore means we’ll have to wait 52 days (approx) for them to split which allows for the Common Stock to be added/supported and traded. Hope that helps.

They might be waiting for the 23andMe merger to happen and reuse the same ticker? I noticed this the other day myself. Only reason I can think of them holding off.

I didn’t realise you could reuse a ticker! Makes sense. I’d love @Team212 to add the unit/warrant function as well as options. Can’t wait either way!

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