Request for new SPAC


Could you please add this SPAC to the platform

Aurora Acquisition corp - $AURCU


This is a old post.

If you have to wait for 52 days for a share/IPO, what’s the point of buying? It defeats the whole purpose.

Also, there have been other SPACs which have been added immediately or sooner.

spacs don’t get added sooner than the units are split from the common stock, because T212 deals only with the stock and nothing more. 52days is how long that takes unless its otherwise announced to be sooner which some may have been.

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Firstly, those SPACs have gone the extra mile to ensure that commons are available from the date of IPO. The vast majority of SPACs do not do this at it is extra hassle for them to do.

Secondly… what’s sooner than immediately ??

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