Branson starting a SPAC

Could be an interesting one to keep an eye on.

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Can we get this SPAC added to Trading212? It’s owned by Richard Branson:



They’ve only just filed for IPO. So days, if not weeks, away from actually going public.

And even then…

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Hence why I put this in chat rather than requests.

Although I am interested in possibly investing in the stock, for now I was just bringing the news to people’s attention for discussion :+1:t2:

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Yep, spot on. To avoid confusion, my response was to Dazza, not yourself.

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What are the odd of introducing…

Option 1) Virgin Airways public via spac :joy:
Option 2) Virgin hyperloop…
Option 3) Virgin Orbit…

After all Richard Branson needs ($$$) n Spacs is fastest way to add 100’s of millions to portfolio in a day.

That might not be a bad call, however doubt it! :man_shrugging:

Virgin SPAC just buying virgin private companies? :joy:

Wouldn’t actually surprise me :thinking:

Not for me. The guys a crook