How to add non-fractional shares into the AutoInvest Pies

Hi T212, some of the stocks I really like are minimum quantity 1 - is there a plan and timescale to make all shares available as fractional so we can truly enjoy the benefits of AutoInvest into our favourite stocks!

It is on to do list, I believe there is a statement that by Q3 all should be fractional. Or during Q3. Not 100% sure…

Ok thanks - it will be great if someone from T212 can confirm the same! The sooner the better…

Here it is.


Thanks that’s good to know

Just adding my 2p here, I am not beta tester yet but can see the use of this feature and cant wait to get my hands on it. As next round on investments i like to make, i have designed a portfolio , (sort of my own ETF made of 26 stocks), that i would like to autoinvest in on a monthly basis. But where quantities are non-fractional and have minimums of 1 or 2 can become a challenge as leaving them out means the entire allocation holdings that are balancing the risk strategy fails. Leaving one or two out or buying individually could entail buying more than necessary at the time.
Hope all shares are made fractional soon.

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Why not allow pies with non-fractional shares? Autoinvest would be disabled, and you’d have to pay enough to cover every share that’s in the pie. But you could still change the percentage (2 shares of this for one share one that), and it’s still much si pler than buying manually every share.

Since all the shares will be fractional by the end of next month(August) :crossed_fingers: it doesn’t make a huge amount of difference as it would if it was going to be months and months away.

Right, that’s much sooner than I thought! Hope it works for ETFs too!

Because it makes non sense at all.
How to you invest $500 in a Pie with Google and Amazon if they weren’t fractional?
Think about it a bit :wink:

Obviously your example doesn’t make sense. You would need to adjust the amount of money that you invest in your pie, depending on the price at the moment of your investment. You could still deposit the same amount of money every month and everytime the amount needed is covered, it buys one more pie. This would be most useful for cheap ETFs that are pretty stable for long term investments. If your pie has all the most expensive non-fractional stuff, I agree, it doesn’t make sense, but it’s an interesting feature to have when you think about it a bit :wink:

The Pie in any platform is a feature exactly to avoid this… to allow people to invest consistently any amount of money they have available for.

I was thinking of it as a complementary feature, before I knew they could have fractional shares for everything. But if you read again my suggestion, you can still deposit any amount of money consistently and you can have many other ideas with a little flexibility. Why not give the pie different functions.