Allow In pie please

Hi could you please make these stocks fractional so I can add them into a pie or let me add them into a pie please

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You can buy them singly, and then manually import to a ‘pie’.

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Thanks I’ll give that a go

No this doesn’t work. It doesn’t show up when I go to import

@David could I have the following stocks in a pie please ?

Hey @JayCais3 Let me DM you to discuss this further :v:

Edit: The above stock are now fractional - enjoy!


That is pretty impressive fast work. I have noticed that amongst brokers who offer fractional shares most do it only for US shares. Trading 212 seems to manage it for more instruments than others.

I have wondered what it takes to make a share fractional. I imagine it is more work than simply flipping a flag in software. Presumably Trading 212 must be prepared to carry, at risk, in its inventory the fraction of a share that is not assigned to clients.

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I think that’s it, or close enough. Someone has to be willing to repackage the shares as a whole to trade in the market.

Could you also make these fractional?

Waiting for some months to be able to add them to some pies.

The risk for T212 on these unsold fractions will be great on Penny Stocks and other speculative Stocks, including the most iliquid Stocks.

More established and mature Stocks such as Mega/Large or even Mid Cap Stocks pose less risk to T212.

T212 risk department probably manage also these risks.

@B.E Hey, could you please make WTAI fractional too? You solved this request so fast so I thought you couls solve this request too since I’ve been waiting for this one for some time now. Thank you in advance!

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