How to delete community account? [Solved]

Hello fellas

As I was going trough a phase of deleting all those old accounts which I never use, I noticed many different ways and waiting time.
While doing that I also decided to check also the accounts I use (Just to know in advance how it works if one day I wanna delete them, I know I could spend my time in a better way but this never ending lockdown is giving so much time in front of my laptop that I’m doing all kind of bull**** :sweat_smile:) and I couldn’t find how to delete this community account. The Investing/CFD account is just a form to fill from what I saw in the FAQ, but for this forum I couldn’t find the way.

Someone knows? Or simply I was blind and didn’t see it in some obvious place?

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You have to request deletion or anonymising from an Admin in Discourse.

Thanks for the answer.

Quite disappointing tho, it’s proven that having the ability to easily delete an account (forum, shopping, e-commerce, and similar websites) without asking to the CS leaves a better impression on the costumer which feels free and will easier come back in the future.

It’s got something to do with continuation of discussion. If you are freely allowed to delete all posts and accounts then conversations in valuable threads can become disjointed.

Discourse is an off the shelf product. T212 have no control over it’s development.

Yes but it could be done from the forum, deleting personal data of the account without removing the posts and comments. But simply leaving them on as “deleted user”.
Bit annoying from Discourse to place this limitation.
Of course, nothing to loose sleep over it. :sweat_smile:

Hey :wave: ,

The option is now enabled, and an account can be deleted upon following those steps:

  1. Go to the preferences page on the top right corner
  2. Click the “ Delete My Account ” button.

Needless to say, we enjoy more having you аboard though :v:


Amazing! I’m not planning on leaving the community for now, but after noticing other websites problems when deleting an account, I noticed that having the possibility to easily delete an account leaves a better impression from the user experience. :v:t3: