How to get rid of email notifications

Since I joined this forum, I started to received tens of email notifications about, I guess, every action happening on this forum and not related to threads I created or participated too.

I already selected to receive no email notificiations in the settings and asked to the Trading 212 guys on this forum but they didn’t take responsibility on the behavior of this forum as they said it’s provided by a third party service.

How can I get rid of email notifications and receive only emails related to the threads I create or when I receive a private message or a direct reply to a comment?

Hey, @riccardo.fissore :wave:

You can adjust your settings from the Emails, Notifications and Tracking tabs, which you can find by going to Account Menu > Preferences.

From the ‘Emails’ tab you can adjust when to receive emails about topics that you’re part of and topics that you have created, as well as topics that you’re tracking. You can also disable the activity summary or change the frequency of such emails.

In the ‘Notifications’ tab, you can disable notifications about assigned topics and adjust when to be notified if someone likes a post or a comment of yours.

Lastly, the ‘Tracking’ tab allows you to set your preferences on which topics the system flags as new, when to track topics after you visit them automatically (this can be disabled fully as well), and turn off the feature that tracks all topics you comment in.


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Here are my settings? What’s wrong? I just want to receive email notification when someone comments a thread I created or if someone replies to a comment I made in a thread

Screenshot 2024-05-14 164602
Screenshot 2024-05-14 164651
Screenshot 2024-05-14 164707
Screenshot 2024-05-14 164830

As you have added multiple categories under the “Watched” tab, this is why you’re receiving notifications for different topics, even if you haven’t commented. Here’s the difference between Watched and Tracked:

Watching: You will receive a notification in the user menu, as well as an email for each post. Additionally, you will see “new” or an unread count for the topic.
Tracking: You will see “new” or an unread count for the topic.

Ok, I never added them by the way… that was it since I joined… anyway I’m gonna try to delete them and I’ll let you know