How to see your pending orders?

Hi guys!

Can you please tell if there is a way to see all my pending buy orders in a single place?
Cannot find it if there’s any. I can see in history all the orders I cancelled but that doesn’t help me in this case. Because after I buy some shares I may forget from which company I bought them from so I don’t wanna search through everyone I have.


You’ll find it when you open the stock and scroll down…

I am not interested in that. Please read carefully what I asked. I can already do that but it’s too cumbersome to search each stock and find where I have the pending orders.:cry:

I need a single, unified place where I can see all orders.:nerd_face:


on the browser platform, its 1 of 3 viewing options along the bottom of the screen.

@2Saints Once clicking over the chart, you’ll see all open positions along with the pending orders:

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@Tony.V However, this only provides a clue to pending orders for instruments that you do not already own. If to you have an open order to add to an existing position there is no visual clue to remind of that. Is there? I.e. in the above how would one know there is an open order to sell 1 share of Barlays?

@Richard.W That’s correct, yes - pending orders associated with an already open position are available in the specific instrument window. Nonetheless, we will consider further easing the flow. :pushpin:


I had been thinking of the query originally raised by @2Saints, who was seeking a way to check what open orders he has pending without having to manually open the window for each instrument one-by-one. That seemed like a nice idea.

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