How to turn off these notifications? "NIO blasts up 11%" etc

I’ve disabled almost all of them here. Left the important sounding ones but I still get these notifications. Is it “information”?


They’re a royal pain…

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Just igonord it lol, how can such a little think annoy you?


Let’s face it. This is where the adverts will come… The more we ignore, the less effective the advert… JUST DON’T CLICK!

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I quite like the notifications it keeps me in touch with the markets on days I haven’t looked.
The other day it notified me that alibaba had dropped and I got in on a low which has now levelled my losses out (hopefully for now) an hour later and it had climbed half way back up

The notices occur when it’s too late anyway.


Yeah, they’re useless, very often completely out of date.

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I agree with this. Usually by the time it is announced it has gone…
So it’s not very useful, in my opinion.

I guess if I’m 100% fair it can occasionally draw your attention to some general volatility.

Often it would more accurate if they said something like…

‘20 minutes ago there was a blood bath but the ambulance is here now!’


Possibly. The good thing is having the option to turn it off.
I currently don’t mind it because we don’t get too many and if you aren’t checking it it can be a good “heads up” (even if a late one), but if it started to be a daily notification I’d probably turn it off.

I agree with you. I’ve left everything turned on, (despite the fact the hyperbolic language gets on my tits).

Is this why my wife calls me a grumpy git?

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Yes sometimes it might be useful, but it’s rare. Oftentimes it’s way too late as people pointed out.

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i think the notifications are pretty awsome, I mean, you can at least get some sort of gestures on the trend of that stock.

but anyways nio has been my hero for the last several days, I made 32 percent profit in trading and CFD on NIO

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Is anyone annoyed by the app notifications popping up?
Since a few days ago I’ve started to receive notifications from the app about random things like TSLA, or crude oil. I really don’t want these sort of updates.
I know we can turn them off, but can we get less of them?
Does anybody else like them?
I personally don’t.

You can turn them off in the settings in the app