Price Alerts not create from me


for a few days I‘ve been getting price alerts in the app that I didn‘t create.

Even after deleting them, they keep reappearing on the new one!!

How can I permanently delete all price alerts?

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I’ll send you a DM to check the situation :face_with_monocle:

I thought you said you are looking into this few days ago?

This glitch or whatever it is hasn’t been fixed. I had the same problem today.

The possible problems you might have is that a trade is executed suddenly because the price alert goes crazy, or it stops you from selling, until you stop the price alert. Point being, this is not convenient

@Team212 @Bogi.H


Again for no reason.

When this will be fixed @Bogi.H @Team212 @David @George

Hi @Shorty68DE, @MohammedS,

We recently introduced a feature named Portfolio volatility alerts. Its aim is to keep you informed of significant price fluctuations within your portfolio. Whenever you open a position in any instrument, this feature automatically sets up an alert for a 5% price change.

If you prefer not to receive these alerts, you can disable them via Settings → Trading Preferences → Portfolio volatility alerts.

P.S. If you’d like to retain the alerts but reduce their frequency, you can adjust the Alert threshold, for example, to 10%.


Oh great!! It’s a feature, not a bug :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you @George for the information!!

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Thank you, I have turned this off as it gets in the way of trading. Especially if you want to sell a stock fast or if the stock moves fast, and you want to buy, the buy and sell is delayed. Sometimes it can make the loss even more if you are day trading. Because the alert gets in the way.


I would like a 5% alert but the BIG problem with T212 is the way that price is displayed. If you have a share with a 5% spread you will get continuous alerts when the T212 displayed price goes from bid to offer to bid… T212 really needs to get displayed pricing sorted out I suspect that it is the number one moan from user. I’ve seen countless posts from people complaining that you have no idea what price a market order will execute at because you have no idea whether displayed price is somewhere close to bid or somewhere close to offer. In terms of this feature, the 5% alert seems to be triggered by displayed price so will continuously trigger for companies with a large spread. That said, I’d really like an alert if a share has a big move on the bid

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I like this feature. I like that it’s adjustable; you can set a global alert for all new positions and adjust existing alerts on a per holding basis. Not just the percentage of the change but also the period over which that change occurs. You can even turn it off if you want. I can see this will be useful for me. I’m not a trader per se but still like to actively manage my investments to avoid drops and cash in on peaks where expedient but end up missing both sometimes as I’m not glued to the market.

Well done, devs.