Persistent High Volatility Notifications

Hello All

I’ve toggled Push > News > ‘High Volatility’ to Off but I’m still receiving these pushes (already re-installed app etc.) eg ‘Tesla Rockets Higher’ and ‘Alibaba back below $300’ today.
A bit irksome as I have to check and dismiss them when I only need Orders / Account Status pushes.
Is this a bug or have I missed something?



I can confirm… I am also getting this behavior.

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Same… I don’t receive them only if I turn fully off notifications but then I wouldn’t get price alerts which is the main reason why I want notifications on…

these notifications aren’t about volatility which is why you still receive them. they only happen for very popular stocks and serve as more of an announcement about the market direction in relation to a piece of news.

these notifications aren’t about volatility

Dao: The messages are housed under (Alert dot on hamburger) > ‘Notifications’ > ‘High Volatility’, so going by the logic of the UX, toggling off ‘High Volatility’ should kill them - but it doesn’t.

So is there any other way to suppress them?


More of these tonight - wouldn’t be so bad if they could be dismissed without having to open them first.

Can a way to totally suppress these please be worked into the app?

As I’ve said - these definitely are ‘High Volatility’ alerts that we don’t all (probably) want to have to keep reading.