Hydrogen stocks

Looks like NEL ASA is available now on T212. Indeed a very interesting paper. Thanks a bunch for this thread.

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Thank you for the suggestions. I will look into these in detail. It is indeed a good sign that ITM cooperate with Shell and apparently Linde has some minority holding.

Adding a US based/focused company into my holdings might be nice to increase geographical exposure, but I guess Europe would be ahead of US to widely accept and use hydrogen power.

You dont need to pay for a preserve. If I wish I can just go to their website and say I want 50k trucks and they will count it as a reserve… Be careful with these practices.

ITM is working with Linde now too.
Ceres working with Bosch

There’s some great moves in the sector. If only it wasn’t so dangerous to store and transport.

An interesting one that a friend brought to my attention is Powerhouse Energy - PHE. Essentially, they have a new technology that converts waste plastic into syngas from which they can extract hydrogen either for producing electricity or fuel cells.

It really appeals to my desire to invest in green technology (cleaner energy & better disposal of plastic waste - win win). UK company too.

Why did you close your positions in PLUG and BLDP?

Nice watchlist of Hydro related stocks now. Might make my own little Hydro ETF when autoinvest comes out.


I was thinking about the same. I added extra to your list also BE and AFC for AutoInvest.

IMO PLUG hasn’t a big impact. You see it in the SP. Had a small position in BLDP, but I expect the same. Not a huge impact. Companies who produce electrolysers have the most potential. Nel, ITM, FCEL.

What do you mean by “SP”?

Well with ITM down 20 this morning, now’s the time to invest :wink:

What do you think about Nel Hydrogen? Just bought some and thinking to buy more.

SP = Stock Price. Sorry using a lot of those acronyms :slight_smile:

Do you mean Beiersdorf? (BE)
What do they do Hydrogen-related?

BE = Bloom Energy. :slight_smile:


I have also grabbed some Nel shares - I’m thinking that once the infrastructure grows this company should too.

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PHE - I had a look at the company there. No revenue, market cap under 100m, can’t see evidence of financing, under 300k in cash. Bit risky.

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Definitely carries risk, I agree. It might be misplaced, but I really have confidence in their technology, their working with Peel Ports and also planning permission granted for a their first plant which should be operational next year.

Nel is up today. I think it’s worth to hold it. I bet on Nikola and I am hoping NEL grows with it.

That’s my thinking too as well as other opportunities that will come the companies way due to this exposure.

Unfortunately I passed on Nikola a few weeks back when they had been around $18 - But one to watch over the next 12mths and might jump on when the hype dies.

I added Power House Energy to my Hydrogen portfolio, currently working on building a plant that can recover energy from none-recyclable plastic, end-of-life tyres and other waste streams through small scale gasification into an energy rich clean synthetic gas from which electrical power and hydrogen can be produced.