Green energy startups

Anyone know any good energy companies available on T212 who primarily deal with green energy such as solar and wind farms. Will do further research but can’t find any names to read up on.


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INRG is an iShares ETF which is related to clean energy, maybe this helps ?


Great help thanks, will look into this fund.


Past performance isn’t that great, but it may be one for the future considering the climate changes and elec vehicles.



Have a look at Next Era Energy. NEE. It is a large S&P 500 company. World’s largest producer of wind and solar power. Has a good track record.


Ceres and ITM are some interesting U.K. based ones.

Besides the mentioned NEE and iShares Clean Energy ETF, here’s a slow climber:
Algonquin Power and Utilities Group [AQN] ( Stock desc | Company profile | Latest news ).

Also check out Stock request: Ørsted and push the initiative for adding Danish stocks on here.

Hydrogen stocks such as ITM (and NEL ASA of course) are more like a Plan B for green energy investors. Cause Hydrogen is still mostly produced based on natural gas :slightly_frowning_face:. There are plenty of papers etc. out there expressing doubts over the ‘renew-ability’/‘sustainability’ of that tech. Keep in mind: It’s obviously tremendously lobbied by the frightened gas industry.

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Sorry to sound like a broken record but TSLA will dominate this entire space. Their batteries and solar will be cheaper and better than everyone else, and overtime this will only compound and be harder to copy.

EDPR but isn’t here yet.

TSLA is a complete seperate entity from most other green energy companies, they will certainly not dominate spaces such as the hydrogen and renewable waste economy.

Agree, but the question was about Green Energy Startups. In Green Energy I see them pretty much becoming a monopoly for a very long time. Circa Standard Oil in the late 1800s/early 1900.

INRG is your friend here, truth be told if you want growth then you’re going to be picking stocks from there anyway, such as


ITM and Ceres are not really start ups, but are promising, albeit a bit wild at times.

Tesla is not a green energy startup. They build cars.


NEL are probably your best bet for a hidden gem.

TRIG and GRP are likely to grow aswell.


This thread lost the connection to ‘Startups’ long ago. :sweat_smile:

Green energy is quite a chain though. I was focussing more on the plant operator + utilities part of it.

I can well imagine that TSLA is going to dominate the technological part - at least in the Western hemisphere.
I wonder why they haven’t jumped into wind craft yet?

Hahahahahah, research research research my friend. Their energy business will be at least the same as their car business. Check it out, in their quarterly filings and Musk has talked about it many times. That’s currently only doing about $400M per quarter, but’s going to start ramping up soon. All their engineering was focussed on scaling production of Model 3 and Y, this will go over to solar and batteries now. This the biggest area of growth for Tesla over the coming years.

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Tesla produces solar panels, micro inverters, wind turbines, hydrogen electrolysers? That is new to me.

For some reason when something with renewable energy is discussed, the Tesla minions popup (and yes they produce nice cars)

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It’s just down to math - the output of KW/h for every dollar spent will not compare to solar and batteries once they’ve innovated the hell out of it.

Thanks for TRIG + GRP! :heart:
Those are 100% matches for what OP asked for :+1:t2:

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They literally build these and sell them to consumers and large industry all over the world. They don’t build wind turbines or hydrogen electrolyses because their thesis for energy generation and storage is purely based on solar and batteries. Due to the final KW/h after they innovate the hell out of all parts of the system.

Also don’t call me a minion, I’m an investor who’s done a ton of research and put my 100% of my money where my mouth is, I’m here to contribute.

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