I got overcharged on my market orders

Somehow I got charged nearly $400 for gamestop (GME) shares and over $17 for BlackBerry (BB) when the market opened, surely this isnt right when the prices havent been this high all day? I dont understand why I got charged so much, I thought I was buying gme at less than 200 but now it has to touch 400 just for me to not make a loss, I feel like the app has done this, is there anything I can do?

You can avoid using market order on open.

As you can see market opened, GME flown up to 420$.


At the market open today the high for GME was $414.64. If you placed a market order when the market was closed then you run the risk of this happening, as there is no limit on your order, just “buy it at the current price”.


use limit orders next time


never use a market order on a meme stock

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That would be the issue. The price you were looking at was yesterday’s close.

well you no longer can set limit orders below 100$. Good going t212.

its great. now people will be able to stop complaining they can’t trade at US market open :thinking: :joy:

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