Gme price @17:05 or today’s High

Does anyone know the price of GME at 17:05 today or when did it reach 421.480?

The graphs are showing different data.

My position got closed with me taking a loss saying the price reached that high.

If it never reached that high my position should be still open.

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Trading212 High vs Google High

I’m now able to by GME stock


It wasn’t about buying the stock. The issue was was that the price on Trading212 has a high, which I can’t find on few other platforms

I wasn’t able to purchase before, now I am. sorry.

No worries. I hope everything gets sorted. Happy trading.

@Martin hi. given this is cfd side, is this another abnormal spread issue? Looks like that to me at first glance and I know you helped out earlier in the week with a similar issue.