GameStop & AMC - Available for Trading

We’ve now enabled the trading of GameStop & AMC Entertainment which was initially restricted by our execution intermediary. However, we’d like to warn you about the high risk of lengthy execution disruptions for both BUY and SELL orders caused by the extreme market activity.



Don’t stop it again.


This is big news that Robinhood, IB and WeBull have basically admitted they caused manipulation by preventing buying and stopping the short squeeze.


@Nathan14 Unfortunately, this doesn’t depend entirely on us. If our execution intermediary places restrictions again, we will have to do the same.


Sorry David, you’re the guy who speaks to us, not the guy responsible for this. I’m sure you’ve had a rough few days.


Hello, what sell orders have a better chance to be executed in a timely matter? Limit orders with a low enough limit or market sell orders?

I think this is pretty important while trying to time the top.

The GME shares drop 44% apparently

David, I’m a bit confused because your intermediary still has the BUY trades blocked? Have you changed intermediaries?

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So if you can buy now you can get the price crashed by the retail brokers turning off demand its already spiking! And probably letting lots of hedge funds an out so also limiting the rise due to less shorts being out there.

Really sad for the people who bought high due to the manipulation though. They could have gotten more shares for less.

Back up 61% in after hours trading currently!


@egleberry They’re currently allowing BUY & SELL orders, no restrictions are in place. However, that doesn’t mean that they cannot be placed again.

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It’s just hit $470.

It has not dropped.

Interesting, thanks!

Hi there, is the availability on the app dependent on OS, as I still don’t have an option to buy?

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SO you guys stopped it before to protect us, but now that the FCA might get involved you guys came to your senses?

I am still pursuing a complaint with an FCA regardless of the companies actions now. the trust has been broken and someone needs to suffer the consequence and it should not be the retail traders this time.

i hope the google play rating does not get manipulated now because you guys deserve it.


@Ollies648 No, you should be able to place an order without any issues.

@joelbrebelo The restrictions were placed by our intermediary - that’s impossible to circumvent.

Hi David, thanks for the response. I still can’t place am order on the app or desktop


@Ollies648 Feel free to private message me your trading account’s email address so I could check.

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