I have problem withdrawing

I have recently withdrawn a portion of my fund without any problem. However, given the recent market crisis, I decided to withdraw all my free funds for other use, and then I have a problem. My withdrawal request was reviewed for more than 4 working days and then got rejected without any explanation or advice. Can anyone in the team look into my case and help, please? I’ve attached a file of my withdrawal history as proof.


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Complete guesswork here on my part, but that’s due to lack of information.

If this is a CFD account and you have open positions, then you may be trying to withdraw too much to continue maintaing your margin requirement.

Another possibility is that you have used multiple methods of funding the account and are now trying to withdraw to one card/account. Usually deposits are returned to the original source of funds.

Edit: I’m not sure if this applies to T212 because honestly i’ve never really made any withdraws. But some brokers require you to wait a period of time for the funds to clear after selling an asset before you can withdraw it.