Iconic Labs Price Stuck

Hello, the Iconic Labs share price has not been updated since Monday 25th January 2021, and I am not being given then correct quote when trying to place an order.

i noticed that came up a lot in my research

@UberSteve The price feed of the equity instruments on our platform has a primarily indicative purpose. It represents the quotes that we receive from BBG for the respective security. We are currently exploring our options to improve the feed for several less liquid stocks that do not quote that frequently.

Right. So today when they amnounce a new ceo, all of a sudden the price gets updated. Good job :unamused:

Probably too late to mention but the price displayed is not what you receive. It’s just indicative (well it should be).

So if you see a stock that has X displayed and you know that it’s wrong and it’s actually Y then put in your limit or spin the wheel with market (place an order for 1 share to test the filling).

Make sure it’s the ASK or BID you are looking at externally when checking what it should be, something like Google will only show the last trade. Use the HL or AJ Bell app as a quick way to show the raw ask/bid (remember there’s a 15min delay too).

The quotes you see (from Bloomberg) have absolutely no connection to the orders or filling so don’t wait for it to update.