Stock price/graph not moving

Hello, anyone got any idea why ilika IKA price/graph not moving? Seems to be stuck on Wed 9 December with “00.0000” change. Have messaged T212 but no reply, noticed 1-2 others which seem to be sluggish i.e. often day behind but this seems to have ground to halt, altho is moving on other sites.

The Bloomberg data feeds for AIM instruments are shockingly bad unfortunately.

The worse one I’ve found is KOD where it can gap for weeks whilst it’s perfectly fine checking via other brokers and direct.

I’ve been told it’s being replaced.

@David any update?

Like come on :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Is this all AIM instruments and all T212 account types? Currently very frustrated that TWD is so detached from reality on my invest account.

I’ve noticed it’s just AIM that are affected I’ve been banging the drum most of the year that’s it’s not correct.

Seeing 240.40 from the 11th

If I check on AJ I’m seeing it 260 ASK and 230 BID atm.

So it’s failed to bring in the new quote 9:09am

You can see the BID is correct but it’s failed to update the ASK.

I should add to this I’ve had AIM stocks where just the BID has updated to the point they show zero spreads. Checking various sources elsewhere the spread was a constant distance. Whilst the prices are indicative I thinks it wrong to be so out of date and misleading.

It’s when the BID overtakes the ASK then you know they can’t just shrug it off.

@David @Martin @Tony.V can you please give an update on replacing the Bloomberg feed?

Thanks for help everyone, least I know I’m not going crackers

the buy and sell price on lots of stocks when buy is rising are way out . Opes today 16.60 and sell was 16.10 that is nuts

So (if we buy via T212) is that price we get charged-im taking it an order will execute on a “frozen” page-even if “real” price on yahoo etc substantially different? Thanks

In my experience actual trades should happen at proper market prices as seen on other up-to-date listings/platforms as that’s what’s going on on the exchange. So if the page is stuck at 240 but the market is buying at 255 then you’ll get charged 255.

What I’m unsure about is how stop/limit orders are affected by this, do they react to live or dead data? @Team212

There’s two things one is the data feed which is just saying the best ask is at this and the best bid is at this.

This comes from Bloomberg. This is meant to indicative and is recent live data. However on some stocks the data feed is totally crap

When you place an order market or sell for TOTV it goes to the exchange via IB so you’ll get whatever the ask or bid is with a market buy, a limit can only be this price or better to fill.

So the data feed and the placing of orders aren’t connected.

Hiya-just for your/anyone’s information, I bought ferratum (which seemed to be frozen) after checking on yahoo a second previously-it was 4.59 euro- and was charged 4.70. I’m not a whizz at this, know prices can alter in a second, don’t want to make a song and dance with screenshots etc but I suspect if an instrument is frozen ie price doesn’t correspond with other sites, it’s the “frozen” price you’re going to pay. Dunno, maybe yahoo etc freezes too and no “true” price exists. I know the diff isn’t a lot but adds up when you buy a few shares.

Are you looking at this? The 4.70 was the last trade as of yesterday.

The T212 will be showing the ASK which is different from the last trade.

The ASK is the current best buy price that a seller would sell at.

The last trade is how much someone paid, could have been from a buy or sell. Be aware Yahoo etc will be a time lag too, look for the as of and timestamp.

Looking at trades was this yesterday

Was this your trade? 2:38pm