Is there something wrong with the platform today?

is there something wrong with platform today? i don’t think LSE is closed today yet i’m seeing no action on PHI today. tried the mobile app, refreshed a million times, same result.


It’s Bloomberg shit data feed not bringing in a new quote of the current best ASK. I find it’s increasing not doing getting quotes on LSE and especially on AIM.

Should be showing 736

I feel your pain.

damn it man, you and your level 2 data hahaha. thanks for this though.

i’d need the BID price though to value my portfolio, as i already hold quite a bit in PHI anyways.

Still 732

The last few trades right in the middle of the spread.

This is just ADVFN, I don’t have the order book just screengrab T&S. Only L2 I have is US via WeBull.


I’m still getting yesterday’s close in T212

Also checking via the AJ Bell app I’m seeing the current 736 ask - 732 bid. You don’t need an account to check btw, so if you download the app and go to Search/deal you can see it along with all the trades that’s gone through as a chart.

So it’s the crappy data feed T212 uses. You’ll probably see it at a random 2:37pm for the first quote of the day :rofl:

It absolutely does my head in on KOD at the moment where the ask and bid can have a massive impact dealing with fractions of a penny.

T212 have told me they are replacing it but it’s like getting blood out of stone for a timescale to implement.

@David do you know anymore about the plans to replace Bloomberg data feed for LSE/AIM?

yeah ditto. i use IG for an alternative data feed. 1 last holding i’m waiting to sell and then i’ll be free of IG too. i just need T212 to sort out their data feed and market order execution issues. still in a hangover from last week’s fiasco without any expatiation from them :confused:

Yeah from what I can establish IB that T212 use basically bodged the API.

So T212 called IB called the exchange, came back to IB and then got lost on the way back to T212.

They need to work with IB on how they can prevent issues like this in future.

That’s one big downside to being reliant on a third party. You take all the grief when it goes down and it’s out of your hands mostly whilst someone else fixes it.

To be fair to T212 it’s a rare event it happens on a large scale.

However the pending orders are still an issue where occasionally it fails to bring back a response so T212 can’t then provide a cancel/amend button.

They were testing a new tool to help free up those stuck in limbo orders, but I don’t know how successful it was. @David was there an update?

@phildawson We’ve made progress on AIM orders becoming stuck. We’ll solve the issue soon.

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@David Are you able to reveal what’s going on to resolve it?

I’ve contacted via chat more times than I can remember about KOD quotes being weeks out of date.

They mentioned the data feed being replaced.

Is it a case you are swapping Bloomberg for another for AIM?

Is :soon: before the end of December :pray:

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