Video Requests?

Use this thread if you have any ideas for a video for us YouTubers or Trading 212 to make. We’d appreciate it :slight_smile:

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  1. How about a video reviewing the Trading 212 community forum? Could talk about what top 10 questions people repeatedly ask there, the answers to those, advice one can expect to find, how requests for new instruments are handled, how the search facility works.

  2. For UK investors only: a summary of UK tax and reporting requirements as they affect UK investors in shares and ETFs. This could be done by simply by showing screens of, and elucidating, relevant HMRC website pages. I think this could be done in a way that does not require a professional tax accountacy qualification. You are simply pointing people to the information with which they need to be familiar.

  3. A video all about ETFs. What they are, costs, distributing vs accumultating, index tracking - how happen, what extra information can be found on the issuer’s website (such as excess reportable income information). Explain how one could compare and choose from amongst different S&P 500 trackers.

  4. A discussion of fx effects on an investor’s profit. The true cost of exchanging currency on Trading 212. Things to consider when choosing which version of a fund to buy when it is offered in more than one currency, eg VUSA and VUSD.

  5. I would enjoy watching a video talking about the CFD business, but not so much about how to trade them, as demystifying and debunking commonly held misconceptions. How are they provided by Trading 212, what costs have to be covered by spread and overnight interest, and why? Explain what it means that Trading 212 operates as a “fully hedged principal”. Is it true or false that Trading 212 makes more money when clients lose, and also less money when clients gain? In what circumstances might a usual Invest platform client benefit from occasional use of the CFD platform?


CFDs explained and my own experience with them

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  1. Did a while ago but could do more again
  2. Would be a good idea
  3. Might do that when I start investing in ETFs, be good to explain them
  4. Another good idea
  5. A bow Trading 212 makes money video seems good, we have that information from David

Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

Hi @moshmoney. I watched your video which i thought accurate explaining things from client side. But I am looking for something explaining the business model of a CFD provider. As we know CFDs often attract lots of negative comment. I think concerns could be reduced if people better understood how the business looks from the perspective of the provider. In particular, does Trading 212 profit more when clients close their positions at a loss?

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Yes, videos would be great. Especially on original points of 1, 3 & 4.

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Also, does T212 lose money when we profit? There have been some days when airlines were booming, easy profits, but buying airline CFDs was restricted (however you could short as much as you want which was a guaranteed way to lose money). Other days oil stocks were booming but when buying CFDs they were restricted. Again, you were allowed to short oil stocks to your hearts content.

A video on megatrends could be interesting for your audience. (?)

I would like to see some basic tutorials in which meaning, impact, pros/cons of certain values are explored, such as P/E, EPS, splits, margin, types of debt

Basically content that helps viewer understand earnings calls better and evaluate investment opportunities

A series of such would be quite neat

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