If anyone is looking for an airliner to grab, this might be the signal

6413 calls, that is over $20M in value, assuming $32 share price. someone is betting big on Delta.

Disclaimer: I am not interested in buying DAL longterm, but might open a short term long position.

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Yes, I think delta as other arlines stocks is really beaten down by the covid19 situation… It surely a bet for the next months, I would like to buy it…

Despite that I am more comfortable in putting my bets on other sector stocks like energy or financial which are also really undervalued at this point

I caught easyJet pretty low. I’m only sticking with that in the sector.

I was in IAG, got out though before RI. I still think after the RI, if it happens will be a good bet long term. It’s very cheap. I was thinking of sticking a grand on a few American carriers and maybe Easyjet and Jet2 if they go a little lower. I’m already in Ryanair.

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one attractive thing about delta is their “maintenance facility”

They repair engines & gears etc for over 40 airlines. I am expecting “the resting aircraft” will make a visit to this Delta facility when air travel starts picking up.

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They’ll definitely be some more ups and downs in the industry that’s for sure.

That’s interesting, I wasn’t aware of that.

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150+ airlines apparently… my bad. Did not know there are that many airlines in the world :slight_smile:

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This might be a good time to make an airliner pie!

god i love benzinga… to find a gem on red day like this…

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