Is there any chance to add a few US ETF’s?




Have you checked if they have KIIDs? If they don’t T212 cannot add them.

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@David there is more and more requests for US etfs, I’m wondering after UK leaves EU if platform will be able to give us opportunity to invest in etfs without KIID or being part of EU have nothing to do with that?

No KIIDs unfortunately.

Even Switzerland is abandoning US ETFs for UCITS ETFs starting next year, so it is not likely that Trading 212 would go in the opposite direction (and losing most of its investors).

Why would they loose clients? If they could offer same etfs as they do now and additionaly gave access to us etf I don’t see any chance that would lead to loosing any clients rather other way. Or maybe it is not allowed to have both kind of etfs on same platform?

@Donald_Duck I’m sorry, this is going to be a noob question but by KIID do you mean UCITS?
I’ve been checking for UCITS when looking for ETFs, not realising I was meant to be checking for something else

I couldn’t find a KIID, but for some reason ARK’s website marks one of their ETFs as UCITS

Update: I found a KIID for this, sort of.

It seems that a Luxembourg asset Management company called NIKKO partnered up with ARK to offer their UCITS compliant Disruptive Innovation ETF for us Europeans

Unfortunately it isn’t an ETF it seems, or at least I haven’t found the ticker.


ARK offers its UCITS compliant through Nikko, please see the KIID here:


I tried to upload it but it does not allow me to upload pdfs so here is a screenshot:

Edit: I just see that @CaptainDangernoodle has editted his post ad included it. How did you include the PDF? :smiley:.

Just copy and pasted the pdf browser link :wink:

It seems it is an actively managed non-exchange traded fund. Minimum buy-in 1,000$, and subsequent additions minimum of 500$, plus the management fees are more than ARK’s 0.7%, something like 1.5% (can’t be bothered to check again) which just adds insult to injury since they aren’t really managing anything, just offering ARK’s already managed fund.

It does raise an interesting question whether this KIID could be valid for the ARKK fund directly, since it IS the same fund. The KIID is directly about the ARK Disruptive Innovations fund (ticker ARKK). Not accepting this is just bureaucratic silliness

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Please add the ARKW ETF please

Welcome to the community. As you can see above, or by using search with search term ARK, this and other ARK ETFs have been requested many times before but cannot be added since not being UCITS compliant are illegal for sale in Europe.

Thank you for letting me know! and thanks for mentioning the search feature, I’m new here!

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Could you please Add (ARKK) ETF, I’ve been wanting to throw a lot of money at this ETF but unfortunately its not on Trading212! I Have all my Stocks on this platform, and this would be desert for me if you could add them!!

ARK Invest focuses solely on disruptive innovation and offers investment solutions to investors seeking long-term growth in the public markets.

Come on Sean, read the forum, have a search. At the very least know what you are investing into and why you can’t.

It’s two posts up ffs.


IG has all of ARK’s ETFs available. I don’t think they put them there illegally. Don’t know exactly what’s the problem here.

As CFDs I bet they do
In the “Investment” section I bet they don’t… or if they do that you end up NOT being able to trade them

The problem? MiFID. European retail regulations. There is more than enough detail on this forum if you search for it.

You “can” trade US ETFs in Europe but you need a broker offering access via a “Accredited Investor” method. Stake, for example, do this nicely if you have over $30k in an account with them. Then MiFID retail rules can be bypassed as you are now deemed “Professional”.

Making a CFD position against something is different from actually trading the stock.


Yep, I just tried it. ARKK is there in the IG Investment section. But login to your account. Try to buy it. I got a message saying “no chance buddy you’re European - we can’t sell this to you, sorry. Call us”

Thems just the rules I’m afraid.

There are ways around them. Not many people or brokers can be bothered when there are alternatives for you. Take a look a WisdomTrees Tech range, L&G ETFs do an interesting “Robo” and “Cloud” thing, iShares and Vanguard to get some decent and cheap stuff too. Alternatively just trade the underlying shares for free - the top 10 of ARKK are available for free on T212 and FT and Stake.


You could probably make your own pie on T212 … just a thought… easy to manage then… I’d bet 95% of the underlying stocks are available.


Anyone can just copy their holdings, but will be missing the active management aspect of the ETF, which I think is essential in their (highly speculative) holdings- and also where the value comes from.


In which case I’ll utilise the disclosures they are regulatory mandated to release to scrape their underlying holdings. I’ll be behind the curve I admit. But how far? Looks to me like 1 or 2 working days. And for free. I’m OK with that. Especially considering I, as a European, can not buy this fund very easily. So I’m forced to be creative.

Saving me that sweet 0.75%

Is it worth it?

Nah, probably not. But what choice do I have.



SMT is still the best alternative for us Europeans, even though it isn’t the same holdings the driving principles are the same: innovation.

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