Improve colors/contrast of dark theme on desktop

Desktop forum dark theme is so low contrast it’s really hard to read.
Grey is too bright, along with blue color for topics.

I’m attaching a screenshot
trading 212 dark theme

Normal theme is fine, but I think we should have proper dark theme.

How do you set dark mode for the forums. I can’t find a setting anywhere!

Click on your profile, then select profile->preferences.

Previously, there was an option to switch between two colour modes. However, the dark mode did not look as expected, so it was removed. The theme that @mithrandir is using persists as a legacy from when that option existed.

We’re making a few tests now to try to improve it.

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@KrisG It seems I can’t even return now to bright theme (it follows the browser defaults). So no matter what I choose in theme/color scheme - I always get an dark theme.

so we could say that “you’re in the dark” :slight_smile:

Let me check :face_with_monocle: I sent you a DM.