Forum Theme Selection and Adjustment

Could we have an adjustment to some parts of the theme here in the forums? perhaps a choice between 3-4 options? etc light, dark, sepia, light moss, blue.

when I go through the lists of topics I currently have to try and differentiate between black text (for something new) and grey text for something I have already visited, which is rather difficult on my worst days.

additionally, only having a light theme can make it harder to read the posts when the time starts to reach the later hours of the day and it begins to get dark.

Thanks, T212 :sparkling_heart:


I’m on a few different discourse based forums (assuming that’s what this is), and all offer a dark theme, which I personally much prefer. I’m assuming it’s an option that can be simply turned on within discourse itself? Would be nice to have.

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Can we re-start this conversation on themes? I also would very much like to have access to the Dark Theme option that Discourse provides.