Improving price alerts feature

Can you improve the price alert feature to:

  1. allow us to enter multiple price alerts from the current page (rather than having to reopen the price alert page to enter multiple price alerts)

  2. allow for us to set price alerts based on a +/- %. So if I wrote, I wanted to set a price alert at -10, -20 and -30% of the share price (or of a specific number ie. $30), those numbers are auto-calculated for me (ie. $27, $24 and $21 respectively) and then all 3 price alerts are set against that stock, so I don’t need to get a calculator and work out all those prices, and and then have to set each of those price alerts manually.

Just off the bat, something like this is what I would envisage:


And where we can see the price alerts that are set against the stock, have a “clear all” button so that we can delete all the price alerts, instead of manually having to click the “x” on each one - so we can set the price alerts again