In Red but Higher than Average Sell Price?


Is there a problem with the app today? I am in red in a lot of stocks but on many the sell price is higher than the average price?

I’ve seen a few other people mention this. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Have you checked FX impact? If not that either then could indeed be an issue

Yeah but that isn’t the issue I don’t think

[Can anyone explain what’s happening? Sell price is above my average but today market open it went deep in red : trading212 (]


Can you show a screenshot of the part under the chart? That will show if there is FX impact etc

Where it says “Your investment”

Sorry I am pretty new to this. I guess the FX puts it in the red?

The sell price seemed a lot higher per share but I don’t know what I am talking about and am still learning :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes exactly that. I dont trade non GBX stocks for that reason.

Ok. I need to look up GBX and Non GBX stock then. :stuck_out_tongue:

So you’ve made 1.92 on the stock going up, but lost out 2.06 because the dollar is dropping further against the pound.

Ok. Thanks.

Exchange rates then basically. Problem being in the UK :stuck_out_tongue:

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GBX just means it’s displayed in pence

So 100 GBX or 1 GBP exactly the same.

It means nothing, just a unit.

Ah I see thanks, helpful to know :smiley:

It’s been going down steadily here’s one of my US stocks from last year.

£209 just lost on the dollar being crap

Really sucks that does. :frowning:

Look on the bright side, now you can get into some great US stocks at a bargain. The pound is not going to go up forever at some point there will be a reversal and you will benefit double :wink:

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Had it on all trades today, yes.

Also have the issue where profit and loss in market order window does not correspond to what is shown in position status window. This has been going on since approx start of year now. I raised this as a topic yesterday.

I should probably clarify, in my case it’s not FX has has been established in my referenced post. For me it seems today at least to take a while for the profit and loss to ‘catch up’ with market activity/status.