In-specie transfer 👨‍🔬

Didn’t realise the thread was the in-specie cheerleaders club.

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Come on guys, the in-specie transfers feature IS hugely important, but let’s not become fanatics about it.


Whilst am an advocate of In-specie transfer, but truth be told, investing features is way better than what it used to be and so i wouldn’t devote much time chasing in-specie.

Instead i would spend more time investigating my pension, cos that’s where useless fund managers are ripping off, millions of people with high fees to fund their yacht life style.

But the world of pension is soo concealed that many haven’t got a clue what’s going on with their hard earned money.


I for one think in specie transfer is the #1 priority for T212. All other features well addressed for now. We need safety and security in our assets, and the ability to move them to and from our chosen brokers is a simple right we should have. Offered by nearly every other major broker.

Let me preface, I want to move assets TO T212, not away.


Will the process be launched simultaneously for isa/invest accounts or there will be beta test for isa first like before

Unfortunately, I can’t confirm at this stage. This will be determined later on in the development process.

i really think the regulators should manadate that inbound and outbound in-specie transfers are required for all platforms that want to operate in the UK. This should be one of their priorities.


Can we get some sort of idea of when this will at least be in the testing stage?


Hi @Bogi.H

What information can you share about the progress of In-Species transfers and when it will be available? Alternatively, when is this topic scheduled to be reviewed by your team and could an update be shared at that time?

If this feature was available, I could be tempted to move all my investments away from HL to here, even at a fee.

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@altitude, @Unknownuser, we are actively working on the feature but cannot provide an ETA. Once there are further updates, I’ll share them in the thread. Appreciate everyone’s patience :pray: