In-specie transfer 👨‍🔬

Can’t check at the minute but does the definition require historical precedent or merely authorisation?

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I didn’t demand that anybody respond to anything so you’ve lost me there.

Why don’t you want open discussion? Why try to shut down what could be an educational opportunity? Surely we want retail to be more engaged and thirsty for this stuff so we can have a more equal seat at the table, no?

You seem needlessly salty.


Sorry what does this mean, i currently have an ISA account with 212?

Hi @Tabbyh7 in-specie transfers allow you to transfer your holdings with another provider to T212 eithout having to sell the underlying assets first. Durung the transfer period you will still own the shares/funds withiut having to realise a loss or gain.


Finally could do with this. Thanks for explaining much appreciated.

Glad to hear about this, great job team!

Good to hear! This is great news!

COBS 6.1 does not apply as T212 does not offer Units in collective investments.

Sounds like a positive step forwards though.


This will differentiate them from the competition and customers will not feel trapped. Trust will only build with the 212 platform.


Hello Is it just for ISA for now, can we transfer in from other invest accounts

Hey, @ts94.

This beta testing is for ISAs only.


That’s cool do we have any rough estimate when will be available for stocks and shares only accounts, and also can shares from another account be transferred to my 212 isa account or it has to be isa isa only

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@ts94 The ISA rules only allow for cash transfers in/out the ISA wrapper, so no to a stock transfer from GIA to ISA.

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@ts94 We will be working in that direction but cannot provide an estimate before ensuring that everything goes smoothly with the ISA beta testing. :scientist:


Excellent news keep up the good work


How is the Beta testing going Tony?

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When can we also have In-specie transfer for invest accounts?

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@Macro - Everything’s going according to plan.

@Shorty68DE - We’ll learn a lot from the current beta testing. Once done we’ll definitely have more insight on what approach we’ll take in regards to implementing the feature for Invest accounts as well.

We’ll keep you posted :handshake:


Great to hear! I am interested for moving some positions to T212.


Glad to hear it! When do you expect it to be ready for release? Will this also allow 212 ISAs to be moved to alternative providers without liquidation?

Hey, @Macro :wave:

We can’t commit to a precise “official release” date, however, it will be soon enough.

To your second question - this will also be available, but at a later stage (since the whole setup is different and it will require more time for the implementation)