Include fees in the in the result or separate profit column

The results column of the positions tab at the bottom of the screen does not include fees paid or to be paid such as stamp duty which means you can in correctly sell shares at a loss if the margin is very small.
Likewise in the history for the result of each transaction, so it might show that you have made more profit than you actually have. I suspect the Total Return is based on the result values so therefore will also be incorrect. How can you effectively trade if you can’t reliably tell what profit / loss you are making without resorting to maintain separate Excel spreadsheets to work out what you are actually making, which is what I have ended up to doing.

I’d like to raise this point again. It is making trading UK shares hassle when dealing with small profits. Due to incorrectly reporting when in profit I have done a number of transactions that are sold at a loss rather than profit due to the stamp duty not getting included into the result.
The Total Return in the history is showing over £100 when in reality due to fees my actual return is little over £80.
I’m having to resort to keeping a Excel spreadsheet to work to keep track of actual profits.