Isa realised profit loss does it included dividend?

hi there
in the isa account
does the realised profit loss figure include any dividend paymenst recieved or is this totally seperate ?

i.e. realsied/ profiot loss is only the profit loss made on trades?
dividend are seperate value and not included in this figure ?

also are all fees i…e stamp duty or fx fees - already deducted from the realised profit/loss total automatically ?

Hey :wave:,

The Profit/Loss result excludes dividend payments as they are distributed separately and you can find them in the History tab.

As for FX fees & Stock Exchange Fees, they are included when you make a trade. You can find the respective fee in the Review Order tab, just before confirming the trade.

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thank you.

so just to clarify the fees for trading fx/stamp duty are already deducted from the realised profits figure is that correct?

Hey @toadman,

The realised profit/loss in the History section only takes into account the result from your trades. Dividends, stock exchange fees or FX fee are not included in the realised profit/loss calculation. However, you have an option to export your trading data to see a detailed break down of your trades.