Total PL after sell order

I sold some shares.

If I click on history I see a “result” value which might be this.

Does this include the FX fees?

Yes, the FX fee is included in the end result of the position.

The total FX right? From buy and sell

The currency conversion is applied at one instance - at the position closure.

B.E. has answered your question but to give you another answer to try to help you understand how it works. I’ll use exaggerated figures for simplisity.

Imagine there are some US shares that are valued on the current fx rate at £1 per share (ie about $1.27/share). You buy £100 worth. You might end up with 99 shares if the fx fee was £1 (T212 fees are some of the lowest there are but using this figure just makes it simple). Thus the fx fee in the purchase is accounted for in the QUANTITY of share you get and the purchase is based on the fx rate at the time of purchase.

When you come to sell the shares you sell the 99 shares at the current US share price and the fx rate at time of sale gets used to convert the sale back to GBP and if there is a fee that is deducted from the sale proceeds before the total that is displayed in the “history”. So if the fx rate was 1.25 (USD/GBP) and the 99 sold for $187.50 you would get £150 ($187.50 converted at 1.25 USD/GBP) and if the fx fee was £1 you would get £149 which is what the history would show.

The fx rate obviously affects your profit. If you make 3% profit on the $ price of the shares but the fx rate goes against you by 3% you make zero profit but if the fx rate goes 3% the other way then you’d roughly make 6%.

Hope that helps


Hi yes this makes sense. My question is if the final value that is displayed contains in the estimation both the FX fee for the buy and sell order.

These were losses in a sense and need to be taken into account in the estimation to get right the final P/L.

The final result does not contain estimates.

As I’ve explained the fx fee for the buy affects the quantity of shares bought. The fx fee for the sell is deducted from the proceeds of the sale and included in the amount displayed as the net proceeds.

Thus both buy and sell fees are included in the overall value of profit/loss