Incoming major crash?

Big moves for several UK REITs today assume can only be due to sentiment around rate rises coming (possibly…) to near a peak soon. Feel now many are trading close to new NAV levels as they get revalued down and share prices rebound partially. Many now look to be 5-10% below NAV as opposed to 30-40% we saw at peaks in NAV and troughs in pps.

Could easily see a broad market pullback though if economy goes badly but we will see.


Speaking of crash, anyone looking at adidas as a good entry? Thinking of opening a small position and gradually drip feed if it goes lower. However for all the risk am taking to be rewarded with dividend tax is discouraging.


This doesnt help them with Kanye

The company said that if it decided to scrap all the stock then it would take a further €500m hit to operating profits.

I should really have Adidas shares being my go to brand for shoes.

You can have a bear market or crash because of a recession or valuation being to high. It appears to be a given we are going to have a recession. Below you can see the actual valuations. Put a recession and overvaluation together and crash would not be unexpected.
A recession with low or reasonable valuation shouldn’t be anything serious. At least that’s the theory


And of course the 250 index. A bit iffy due to the very high percentage of investment trusts but all the same