Incoming US delisting of Chinese Stocks

You think this is likely to happen to Alibaba and others?

You think trading212 can and will offer access to Hongkong stock market?


They wont be instantly delisted, it means they will have 3 years to allow auditors from US or US certified (something to that degree) to check accounts. If within 3 years they dont comply they will be delisted.

I personally dont believe the big ones like Alibaba will be delisted whether because they comply or because in background with new administration shelves it/changes it. Great buying dip though from any panic sellers who dont to due diligence. :grin:


Just a reminder that this bill passed senate unanimously with support from both parties, so I have no doubt it will be approved today and signed by Trump. China and America will then have 3 years to negotiate auditing rules, and if they don’t come to an agreement, all these companies would be delisted, which would be bad for everyone.

It would be great if we had access to HK in the invest accounts.


doesn’t it just remain on OTC in t212 invest/IB, if delisted?

I don’t believe it will happen, Biden and the new administration seems to be in favour of business with China. I have recently reinforced my positions in Chinese stocks for this reason and for diversification of the portfolio.

Doesn’t apply for all stocks but watch this for BABA (and possibly similar case for Tencent? or other established):

I am long BABA and I believe a deal will be reached, there’s just too much money in play here. Delisting all Chinese companies would be equivalent to delisting Apple, and American investors would probably have more to lose.

I just don’t believe any Chinese or other companies will be de-listed.

According to WSJ and Barron’s th edelisting is going ahead.

I already cannot place orders on China mobile and China Telecom.
What happens to the stocks I already hold?

Only Chinese companies that don’t want to comply within 3 years, this is fairly normal practice.
Why would you want to invest in a company that doesn’t want to allow an independent audit to be carried out? That would sound the alarm bells off for me

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Weather companies want to comply or not is irrelevant, it’s against Chinese law to comply with foreign regulators. Also 3major telecom companies have just been delisted. The American government (both sides) want to be decoupled from the communists

Just to update you all they have reversed the decision to delist the telecoms company.

Potentially good news for Alibaba and others in regards to delisting?

or not Where is Jack Ma? Tech tycoon silent as China gets tough with his business - CNN has a meeting after criticizing the CCP he has now disappeared from business. what a great regime

Alibaba already complies with the current laws and has done since the last :us: order.
They comply through the Hong Kong based auditor

However they controlled the virus very effectively and Chinese companies (and stocks) have and will rebound so I am bullish on china investments. those companies will be delisted

would not call welding people in there houses ,covering up the virus and lying about its severity handling it. the world is owed recompense and there ongoing threats of war on taiwan needs addressing. I hope these delisting’s go ahead

If there not state run why is that the companies fault? If they are directly linked to the military or have deep ties with the CCP then fair enough but if not its a step too far

Well I wont get into politics of it as China also has got a lot right, no country is perfect.

But we are talking about investments no? So if looking for return I would argue China will outperform most countries, maybe US will outperform China thats why diversification is important.

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