Incorrect profit / loss data


I have been trying to get my head around the data you get on 212 regarding profit / loss per investment.

So I have multiple different open positions which have various buy/sell transactions. They all show the incorrect data.

Shortest and simplest example is AML

I have 6 buys and 2 sells which when added together give and overall outstanding investment cost of £430.57

Based on the closing share price tonight it shows my investment value of 500 shares at £395.70 and its showing a profit £73.07

If you take my total investment cost and deduct the current value I make it a loss of £34.84

I have been on the online chat trying to get an answer and every time they say the profit is correct based on the average share price paid but it doesn’t factor in the previous sells.

I’m going round and round in circles trying to get this resolved.

With the data being incorrect it puts the entire portfolio profit/loss data out of whack!

Thanks in advance.

Is this CFD? Do you have a screenshot?

You can’t average buys and sells because they start from different points and go in opposite directions, and profit/ loss is calculated by the opposite (Buy/Sell) current prices.
The current profit/loss will depend on the average buy price - current sell price AND the average sell price - current buy price.


If you can provide a screenshot I’m sure someone here can help with the maths and explain it.



This is in the invest account, I will grab a screen shot, one min.

If you can make any sense of those screenshots it will be a great help.

The shot of the excel sheet shows that my overall investment allowing for buys and sells is £430.57 so surely 212 should be showing a loss of £34.84 based on the current value of £395.70?

Thanks for everyone’s help

The current value and return in the app does not take into account previously sold shares, it only calculates the position of what you currently hold.

The rounding made a small difference to the value.

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