Trading 212 bug/error with amounts shown for gains/losses and account value

Hi, there is currently an error in the site and app which means I have been completely unable to sell, as the ‘result’ column is incorrect. As a result, the ‘live result’ , portfolio, and account values are also wrong.

This seems to be a currency conversion issue and is not affecting my British stock. For example, I bought Costco at $302.66, and whilst it is now at $303.75 (i bought 2.5 shares), my result is incorrectly shown as £-6.67

I also have 7 shares in Elastic, which has risen by $3 since I bought them, so I should have a result of $21 (or £17.02) but it is instead showing as around £9.
Exchange rates have remained relatively the same since last week

Can this issue please be fixed asap as I am unable to buy or sell anything, as all my values shown are not correct

I think it is same as here aka sharp change in USD/GBP rate

You said it yourself, it is a matter of currency exchange rate.

it can’t be because of a penny change in the rate, this doesn’t explain the £5-10 discrepancy on stocks that are around £200

Well it is easy to find out, what was exchange rate on the market order, for purchase of Costco?

Compare it to today exchange rate, I can see GBP gained vs USD compared to last week.


Total Cost = 2.5 x $302.66 = $756.65 / 1.21688 (GBP/USD 1.21688) = £621.79

Total Return = 2.5 x $303.79 = $759.475 / 1.23435 = £615.28 - £621.79 = -£6.5


Yeah man, you’re right, sorry for wasting everyone’s time…rookie error

thanks a lot yeah, that makes sense

don’t worry. FX rates are something that catches out the vast majority of people who are new to the market.

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This exchange rates makes things so confusing…I found multiple topics of people saying that the history tab shows wrong values
Is the multicurrency that was proposed the best way to make this more simple ?

The simplest way currently is to open account with currency you plan to invest 90% of funds. :slight_smile: