Information on CSP1 ETF


I’m looking for information on a specific ETF, which is the CSP1. I know this ETF is accumulating and it pays dividend.

What I would like to know is:

  1. What’s the ex-dividend date (which I understand being the date they pay dividends)?
  2. What’s the dividend yield?

And in general, can anyone point me to a reliable source where to find informations like this for any ETF or stock (in this case, for CSP1)?

Many thanks.

It’s worth checking out

Already tried justETF but I can’t find neither the ex-dividend date or dividend yield there

Any more ideas?

Accumulating ETFs do not pay dividends to its holders, that’s what the distributing ETFs does.

If you need to know about the dividends because of tax related things, then it’s a different topic and it’s not clear on your message :wink:

You should find all information here:


Thanks @laguiar . You are right, I expressed myself incorrectly. I know it is accumulating and that it does not pay dividend but instead they should be kind of re-invested in the shares themselves. Is that correct?

Does it also mean that everything is transparent for me and that I will just see an increase in the share value when dividends are accumulated? Or how does it work? Could really use some clarification here, thanks a lot!

The dividends are continually being reinvested throughout the year so there is no one time point that you can notice the reinvestment. But for tax reporting purposes it is as if they are all paid on the annual distribution date and in the amount shown by iShares in their spreadsheet. See the Literature section and then "iShares VII reportable income Tax Information Jan 2020. " You want columns G and H in this spreadsheet.

So far as I know the iShares website is the only place you can find this information.