Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) & Direct Listings Thread

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) & Direct Listings Thread

I create this thread so we could have a place to discuss about Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Direct Listings.

As first contribution I leave an article from Crunchbase about 30 startups that they think could go public in 2022 in the areas of:

  • Enterprise tech and cybersecurity;
  • Fintech and banking;
  • Consumer platforms and services;
  • Proptech and e-commerce;
  • Life sciences, agtech and foodtech;
  • A grab bag of other IPO candidates.
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I imagine we’ll see a few of these go public in 2022;


Interesting. I’d not come across Imagination Tech before. I’d love to see ARM return to the LSE too. I already hold ASML and NVDA but I could squeeze in one more semi-conductor stock at a push.

Which other companies are on people’s watchlists? Outside of the biggest ones like Stripe, SpaceX and ByteDance, TempusLabs and Northvolt would be near the top of mine.

I recently dipped my toes in IPO waters for the first time, opening positions in WISE, AFRM and DNA during the volatility of the past week or two. Which 2021 listings has everyone else bought?

I buy them pre IPO :wink:

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Allbirds, Coupang & Compass were the only companies that IPO’d this year that I’ve bought and held.


Digital Ocean, Coupang, SoFi and Palantir.

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Bit Defender - a cybersecurity company

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