IPO's to look forward to?

Is anyone waiting for, or aware of any companies due to IPO? over the months there have been a few companies I have been happy to see IPO and I have invested in them. Others I have been disappointed at with the extreme valuations and held off.

Is anyone eagerly awaiting or aware of any promising IPO’s they have been hoping to float in 2021?

ROBLOX they are doing direct listing, interesting one.
I didn’t know about this company before.


I was looking at this a while ago I think, this IPO was delayed wasn’t it? I’m sure it was due at the same time as Airbnb or something else before Xmas?

Thanks for the reply and suggestion ill check the video out now.

Anyone else waiting for something to IPO?

None with a date so far but;

Epic Games

Also not sure if these will all IPO or if they might reverse-merge with a SPAC, but either way my eyes are on them.

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Thanks for the list, only heard of a few of those companies. Epic Games is a good one to look out for I think tho as well as BrewDog👍

I would have purchased some BrewDog via them directly, but I don’t like the downsides of purchasing that way outside of my normal portfolio/broker, even though there are some good upsides to it also.

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