Insider buying - what does it show

I was just doing some research and came across a company where the director has been buying $50,000 chunks of stock on a daily basis since the beginning of the year. price is around $1500 at the moment.

I am asking for your thoughts as I have never seen this before, and it has piqued my curiosity. Are they trying to keep this quiet or is there something fishy going on?


Generally speaking is a good sign. A stock that is having insider buying activity is likely to grow in long run and could signal a potential deal or big news. But this is generally speaking and is hard to give a stock a buy score base on the insider buying activity.

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Can you disclose what company is that?

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Sure the company is TPL (Texas Pacific Land Corp)


Generally insider buying is a good sign that management are confident in the direction the company is going and show that they are willing to put their money where their mouth is :money_mouth_face:. However, it should never be taken in isolation as a buy signal. It may be a good screening method to narrow down the number of companies you may want to research in order for you to invest in. So only use insider buying as part of the equation and not in isolation.

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Thanks for the tip, I appreciate it

Thanks for the tip, but any insights to this buying pattern, 50k a day since January

You need to take into account it might just be a programme they’ve signed up for or rewards/employee options. If you check RNS you will see the same people Purchasing the same shares at the same value over set periods of the year. You want to look for anomalies.

No I realise that. the value is always the market price and he is literally buying every single trading day since january just under 50k worth of stock. about 1 million dollars a month so far, but always in 50k blocks.

I do know the company went from a trust to a corporation in q1. They also announced a share buyback, but this is unusual, at least for me…

Here is the screenshot from openinsider

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