Institutional Investors

Morning all

Does anyone know of any websites that tell you which institutions have traded in a stock, either actively throughout the day or historically/overall?

I’m sure I’ve seen screenshots on here, on other forums and also Twitter of such a thing, typicaly around IPOs I think, but can’t re-locate them.

Thanks in advance


Interested too :mag:

Here you go. But you can only see transactions if 13F was filled.

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Good to know. Thanks Sven.

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Finviz for American stocks

Marketscreener for UK

You will get a % of Institutional ownership.

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Thanks @JD1 - I’m hoping for a bit more specific if it’s possible for free (definitely premium platforms out there that would show) as I’d like to be able to investigate and try to ascertain what funds might be adding an instrument.

You wont be able to see it unless when they fill the 13F form. They won’t give that information to the public.

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